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How to Update your Android Smartphone

Android operating system update becomes feature that available for some Android smartphones. Even though not all Android operating system is supported with this feature, system update is still something important to know. For we who probably the Android operating system is available to be updated, we should know the steps. Then, what we should do to update the system in Android?

Checking Wer Android operating system Update

update phone android
If we want to check whether the system is already updated or not, we can check it easily to know about the Android operating system update. The first step to do is we have to open wer smartphone setting. Click the “Settings” menu. Then, click “Setting apps” menu for more setting. Usually, we can find it in wer Apps menu.

After that, we will find many other menus and we can choose “About Phone”, which is usually in the very bottom of the menu list. Click that menu and then we have to click “System” there. However, for some other Android phone, it would be a little bit different and we can click “System Updates” instead of “System”, so we can choose that menu and Design Digital Wedding Invitation 

For the next step, we can click “Software Updates”, in other Android, it can be “Download updates manually” menu instead. So, we can choose which one is available on wer screen. After that, we can check the Android operating system, whether there is an update or not. We can click the menu of “Check for Update” and we will find whether there is available update or not.

It takes some times to check the available system and once we get the notice that there is system update, we can make wer choice to update it now or later. If we want to update later, we can click the “Later” bottom. However, if we want to download the update, we can click “Download” instead. Then, we can wait for the download until finished.

We Have to Remember of Android operating system Update

After we know about the steps for Android operating system update, we have to know about several things related with it. For example, we have to remember that not all Android products are supported with the updates. Only several Android can be updated and it is sometimes still require other specifications. So, we do not need to worry once we do not get the update notification.

We also have to make sure to update wer system under good connection. It would be better if we are under Wi-Fi and make sure the Wi-Fi is stable enough to download the update. It is important for the sake of the complete system download, so that the updated system will not be failed and we still available to use the system perfectly.

Besides that, if we get the notice to update the system, it would be good for we to update it. Since the update will be important for we, as wer Android is built up to get the notice, it would be good to update it. With the update, the Android can run the system in better way and the Android operating system update also can help we to make some applications available.